KAMARI - Hippocampus Hotel


Kamari is located on the southeast part of the island, it is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts of Santorini and in 9km distance from Fira, the capital and 12 km from the port.

It has a 2km beach, one of the most beautiful and organized beaches of Santorini, with black sand, blue flag awarded, in the southern part of which dominates “Mesa Vouno”, almost 400m high.

The large residential development of Kamari was basically after the great earthquake of July 9, 1956, the feast day of St. Pangratiou by the inhabitants of Mesa Gonia, a village on the mountain which was almost completely destroyed. When the village was built, residents built a church on the highest part of Kamari to honor St. Pangratios. On top of Mesa Vouno, the mountain of Kamari, was built Ancient Thira, at a height that reaches 385m. Even though not as famous as the archaeological site Akrotiri, is unique as a place and from its ancient theater you can see the vastness of Aegean. Ancient Thira is the city of the historical times of Santorini and is located on the top of Mesa Vouno, in a fortified position that dominates the island. Founded in the 9th century B.C. by Dorian colonists led by king Thira which whom from the island got its name. Traces of habitation have been found until the Byzantine period.

Just below Ancient Thira, following a path you will find a small cave with spring water. Right outside of the cave was built a small chapel called Zoodohos Pigi (Life-Giving Spring), which is celebrated on the first Friday after Easter’s Sunday.

In Kamari you can enjoy the sunrise and the full moon that rises out of the sea forming its path of fire.

Kamari is a well organized touristic village, where one can find anything needed: doctor, pharmacy, bank, market, restaurants, bars, open air cinema, diving centers, bicycle rentals, guided hiking and climbing routes, extreme water sports, and many other activities.

From Kamari anyone can easily visit Ancient Thira, walk at the chapel of Zoodochos Pigi, quench its thirst with the crystal clear spring water, wander in Mesa Gonia, the narrow cobbled alleys of the village, admire the beauty of the Byzantine church of Panagia Episkopi, celebrate the festival of the church on August 15 in which is distribute traditional fava beans and plenty of flowing wine, explore the secrets of winemaking, try the canavas’ local wine, taste the local cuisine… and feel truly carefree moments.