Festivals of Santorini

Each church has a story, every day a celebration. In Santorini, panigiria, the festivals, play an important role in everyday life of the island and is a great opportunity to experience and live the manner in which Santorinians celebrate their saints and of course try panigiri, homemade food made in davas, large cauldrons with passion and devotion.
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The Dormition of the Virgin: August 15, to Panagia Episkopi in Mesa Gonia. The most important church of the island has the most important celebration of the Orthodox summer. The day before the villagers prepare in large cauldrons fava and peas for the festival. On the day of celebration a side with food there is plenty of wine flowing. Panagia Episkopi Church as itself it is a reason to visit. Built by emperor Alexius Comnenus the First in the 11th century, has incredible beauty and hosts a significant image of Sweet Kisser Virgin Mary, which is kept in a special addition with controlled conditions as cultural heritage. From the small courtyard you will enjoy the magnificent scenery.

The feast of Myrtle tree Virgin Mary, Panagia Mirtidiotissa, on 24 September in Kamari. It is the most important festival of Kamari in a commanding island church in the village center. On celebration day the villagers transfer around the image of Holly Mary on the streets of the island. The food usually includes meat with potatoes and plenty of wine.

July 9, the day the earthquake happened in 1956, is the day of celebration of St. Pangkratios in Kamari. The villagers built a church to honor him at the hillside of Kamari. You will find bread, cheese and delicious Santorinian small tomato.

On October 22, the day of celebration of St. Averkios, patron of wine, the island’s canavas open to taste for the first time the new wine.
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